Popular wedding halls in South Goa

Goa is a well known wedding destination due to its beautiful beaches and way of life. Couples from near and far decide to tie the knot here, ditching the traditional indoor wedding and reception and opt to tie the knot by Goa’s beautiful beaches.

The South of Goa has their fair share of weddings and parties taking place. Just like the North, most of their reception halls in Goa  are located in rural areas that allow parties to go on longer since they do not disturb anyone.

Some of the wedding halls in South Goa are

Crystal Rocks in Loutolim has been crafted into the hill and is surrounded by rocks and small fountains. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the city which gives it this quiet and all-to-ourselves feeling. The hall can hold about 700 people without any trouble. The area doesn’t have room for an indoor wedding but makes for an amazing outdoor one.

Quinta de Valadares is a wedding hall in Verna and can house up to 1200 guests with a dance floor that seems to extend for miles. It is looked down upon by the bandstand. Weddings take place outdoors surrounded by one of the nicest and well-kept plantations of coconut trees, banana trees and a lot more. Being located off the main national highway, it is not located near any major town or village creating an in-between-places effect.

Blueberry hills is located right off the airport road. The venue is large and can hold more than 1500 people. They also managed to add a well-lit parking lot, that can hold up to 80 cars. This hall also went a step further and added a four-way buffet set up. Unlike a lot of halls, this one is built to hold guests indoor so the dew or cool night breeze doesn’t bother anyone. They do have an outdoor  reception set up as well which can be used depending on the number of guests.

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